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Oil wellhead & Christmas Tree

In 1976, Sanjack established Oil Wellhead and the Christmas Tree Factory, which officially started the manufacturing process of oil wellhead products. So far Sanjack has more than 40 years of history in designing and manufacturing wellhead and Xmas trees. Technology is in a leading position in China. Sanjack has gained PR2 certificates for gate valve, choke valve, tubing head, and casing head. Annual production is 5000 sets. Products have been exported to America, Saudi Arabia, India, Russia, Oman, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Venezuela, etc. The factory has 185 employees, more than 200 sets of various large and medium-sized mechanical processing equipment,equipped with the world’s leading level of well control laboratory. With excellent quality and timely global service, SanJack has successfully served nearly 200 customers in more than 30 countries. If you are looking for oil wellhead and Christmas Tree Manufacturers and Suppliers in China, Sanjack are your best choice on oil wellhead & Christmas Tree. Contact for a quotation for Oil Wellhead and Christmas Trees.

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Sanjack Petro Oil wellhead & Christmas Tree.

Sanjack Petro design & manufacture Coventional wellhead, PR2 wellhead, Thermal recovery wellhead, Water injection wellhead, Fracture wellhead, Offshore wellhead, wellhead Valve, BOP.

Why Sanjack Petro Exported

60+ Countries

  • 40+ years of wellhead manufacturing experience..
  • PR2 certificates for gate valve, cheke valve, tubing head and casing head.
  • International advanced well control equipment test lab.
  • 40+ kinds of wellheads to meet various well conditions.
  • SanJack Oil Wellheads are strictly inspected before delivery.

How We Control Quality

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Sanjack Petro owns world-class laboratories

Metallographic test equipment
  • Hardness test.
  • Impact test.
  • Metallographic test.
  • Carbon and sulfur analyzer
  • Spectrum analyzer.
  • Wet chemical analysis
  • CMM
  • Length measuring equipment(2m).
  • Roughness measuring .
  • Piston Gauge
  • Thermocouple Calibrator

Typical Applications Of Oil wellhead & Christmas Tree.

  • PR2 Wellhead
  • Project in Oman
  • Thermal wellhead
  • Project in Albania
  • Frac wellhead
  • Project in Shengli oilfield.
  • Offshore Dual-well Thermal Wellhead
  • Project in CNOOC

Sanjack Petro Oil Wellhead & Christmas Tree Projects

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Commonly Asked Questions of Wellhead & Christmas Tree.

Do you have international standards certificate for wellhead over 10 years?
Yes, we have international standards since 2001, continuously for 20 years already. Our company have more than 50 years’ experience of manufacturing wellhead and X-mas tree. When Shengli Oilfield was established, Sanjack company began to manufacture wellhead equipment for the second oilfield
Is PR2 wellhead your scope?
Yes, we also have PR2 for tubing head, casing head, gate valve, and choke valve. Since 2011, we have started PR2 test and obtained PR2 certificates for valve, throttle valve, tubing head and casing head. These certification authorities by DET NORSKE VERITAS.
If site service is needed, you could send engineer and technician to assist site operation and installation?
Yes, we could offer professional engineer and technician with lots of site experience. And as of now, our service team served lots of end users such as CNOOC offshore platform, Albania oilfield, Oman site installation, etc. We have the office or branch company in USA, CANADA, PERU, ECUADOR, VENEZUELA, OMAN, KAZAKCHSTAN, etc.
Have you supplied to some international oil companies?
Yes, our main clients involve with CNPC, Sinopec, CNOOC AND international oil companies including OGDCL, OPC, PDVSA, SSG, DALLELL, OXY, etc.
How do you design the size of penetration hole for ESP adapter and ESP tubing hanger?
We need the penetrator drawing and size to decide the hole size and, in this way, our design could contain this penetrator and meet the site operation. We also design the ESP adapter and tubing hanger for offshore wellhead using the four pieces of cables.
How do you choose the right manufacturer of oil wellhead & Christmas Tree?
The right manufacturer of oil wellhead & Christmas Tree shoule be the real factory with international standards Certificate..
How to find the reliable supplier of oil wellhead & Christmas Tree?
The supplier of oil wellhead & Christmas Tree should be the real factory who has the international standards Certificate, and has technical support and team support.
During wellhead operations especially running casing hanger of conventional/stack wellhead, the containment (well control BOP) will be broken?
No, our casing hanger is designed based on the casing head size, and could be contained by CHH, so such operation of running casing hanger will not break the BOP.
Do you have running and retrieving tool for wear bushing and test plug?
Yep, we offer a test plug-wear bushing combination running and retrieving tool to running wear bushing, but for test plug, we do not have running and retrieving tool for itself and generally our client could use drill pipe (commonly NC 50 connection) to running the test plug.
How do you deal with the situation where the mandrel casing hanger does not sit well at proper position? Do you have any Plan B or emergency equipment in your supply scope?
Yes, as per client’s requirement, we will supply a slip casing hanger to address this issue. Slip casing hanger could be used to fix the casing and the casing need be cut as per the specified height to go into the bottom of THS. We have the secondary seal of BT, SF TYPE to seal casing.
In THS, when tubing hanger sits well, how do we judge the tie down screws work well to fix the tubing hanger well?
We could measure the length between the out surface of tubing head and the end of lock-down screw. The length should not exceed 60mm. It will explain that the lock-down screw goes into a proper position and will fix the tubing hanger well. And when lock-down screw is tightened at site, please kindly do it symmetrically to make the tubing hanger fixed in a balanced way.
How many seals are in your neck of tubing hanger? And do you have any running and retrieving tool for tubing hanger?
About the quantity of seals in the tubing hanger neck, it depends on the height of tubing hanger neck and client’s requirements. For the r/r tool of tubing hanger, we offer a (EUE/VAM TOP, or the others) connection on the top of tubing hanger, it could be run by a tubing with correspondence connection. There is no special tool.

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