• More than 30 years experience in research and development of BOP.
  • Advanced technology and machinery to make BOP ranks best in quality
  • International Certificate obtained in 2006
  • National laboratory and wellhead test device certified by DNV.

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International Certification

Sanjack has been obtained International Certificate  in 2006.

Advanced inspection equipment

Sanjack has the most advanced BOP inspection equipment certified by DNV.

A variety of Structure

Sanjack can produce various BOP, such as U&C ram BOP, annular BOP,quick lock BOP and diverter.

Customized products

Sanjack BOP can be equipped with fully sealed rams, shear rams, variable rams, and a booster cylinder due to client request.

Cameron U and C ram BOP
  • Fully seal the wellhead.
  • Oblong ram adopted.
Shaffer LWS and SL ram BOP
  • Suitable for differ diameter and pressure.
  • Easy to replace ram.
Quick lock ram BOP
  • Boltless structure.
  • Greatly reduce the time of replacing rubber cores.
Shaffer spherical annular BOP
  • Sales volume around 120,000 tons per year.
  • Stable and reliable in quality.
Hydril annular BOP
  • Tapered rubber core.
  • Less wear and easy to maintain for core.
Quick lock annular BOP
  • Compact structure.
  • Quick disassembly and assembly
Diverter BOP
  • Simple but reliable structure.
  • For low-pressure drilling environment
Seal and spare parts
  • Multiple types of rubber seals
  • Customized rams for choice

In 2006, Sanjack got its International Certification for BOP and related parts fabricating. Since then, Sanjack has developed several series of BOP,such as U type ram bop,LWS ram bop, annular bop,quick lock BOP and Diverter. The BOP rams are various to meet different needs, including blind ram, pipe ram, shear ram and variable diameter ram.
Due to stable performance and long service life, Sanjack BOP wins high praise from clients all over the world. If you are looking for blowout preventer manufacturers, Sanjack is your best choice in China. Contact us now for a quotation.

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How to remotely control the polished rod BOP to improve the safety factor?

The blowout preventer is used to close the wellhead during oil testing, workover, completion, and other operations to prevent blowout accidents. It integrates the two functions of full sealing and semi-sealing and has the characteristics of simple structure, easy operation, and high-pressure resistance. , is a safety sealing wellhead device commonly used in oil fields to prevent blowouts.

Due to the many and complex uncertain factors in the formation, every drilling operation has the possibility of a blowout, which puts forward higher requirements for well control technology and well control equipment. As the most important well control equipment, the blowout preventer needs to be started and shut down quickly in the event of an emergency situation such as overflow, kick, blowout, etc. during drilling operations. Bad accident. Therefore, the reasonable design of the blowout preventer plays an important role in ensuring the smooth progress of drilling operations and personal safety.



The purpose of the polished rod blowout preventer: The polished rod blowout preventer is to prevent the occurrence of well kick and blowout that may be formed by the formation of high-pressure gas entraining crude oil and water during the workover operation and the lifting of the polished rod in the oil field. The safety combined sealing device at the wellhead; when an abnormal situation occurs during the lifting of the sucker rod, turn the screw to push the semi-sealed ram to close the annular space of the sucker rod and seal it at the wellhead; in order to achieve safe production and prevent blowout, accidents Occurs for the purpose of protecting the surrounding environment. The specific operation is: when there is a sucker rod in the well, it can close the annular space of the sucker rod, and a pair of rubber cores can be closed separately without replacement.

sucker rod blowout preventer

In modern oilfields, the problem to be solved urgently is safety production. This is also an important reason why the development of long-term mining enterprises and even the entire country has been restricted. Oilfield enterprises themselves have not done the necessary safety management work, resulting in the entire safety awareness and the corresponding quality level of the internal personnel of the enterprise are not up to the necessary level. Such a realistic situation obviously does not meet the actual product safety requirements.

With the continuous development of our country’s economy and the continuous progress of technology itself, people’s requirements and attention to safety are getting higher and higher, but what is not proportional to such a degree of attention is the lack of safety guarantees and people’s actual production process. The lack of safety awareness in China makes the safety problem very prominent in the production of modern oilfield enterprises.

The production process of the oil field is divided into two major parts: the surface system and the underground system. The surface system carries the processing and production process after the crude oil is discharged from the well, and its practical importance is self-evident. Therefore, in the actual production process, we cannot excessively reduce the ground input according to our own views and reasons, but should fully measure and deal with the problems that may arise in the later production management under the premise of abiding by the principle of no waste and ensure the safe production of the ground through reasonable design, review, and construction.

In oilfield production, equipment is undoubtedly a necessary prerequisite and guarantee for safety production, and the important role of equipment in oilfield safety production cannot be underestimated. In the process of ensuring the safety of equipment, we can achieve it through a variety of ways and means. We must promptly eliminate equipment that has major safety hazards and have exceeded the service period, and correspondingly replace new equipment with stable and reliable performance to ensure safety. Production. In oilfield production, the replacement of equipment should be put on the agenda as soon as possible and implemented practices to ensure that the equipment provides the best guarantee for the safety of oilfield production.

Polished rod BOP has been widely used in the oil production process. At present, the wellhead sealed polished rod BOP used in oilfields at home and abroad are all used in handwheel structures. When the wellhead needs to switch the polished rod BOP, people need to approach the wellhead, rotate the handwheel for operation. The manual operation has safety risks and is time-consuming and labor-intensive。

Polished rod BOP

Therefore, Sanjack Company has developed a capsule-type pneumatic polished rod blowout preventer device, which can be remotely switched on and off by operating a pneumatic drive to improve operational safety.

The polished rod BOP consists of a locking shaft (1), a spring (2), an airbag (3), a pneumatic drive chamber (4), a pneumatic interface (5), a plunger (6), a gate shaft (7), and a gate Plate seal (8), housing (9), pneumatic drive (10), etc.

polished rod BOP China

Working principle: A pneumatic driver is connected to the gate shaft. The pneumatic driver is composed of an airbag, a pneumatic drive cavity, a spring, a locking shaft, a pneumatic interface, and a plunger. The plunger of the pneumatic driver is connected to the gate shaft, and the pneumatic driver is installed symmetrically at the left and right sides of the housing. The utility model adopts a pneumatic driver to open or close the polished rod blowout preventer. Compared with the manual operation of the handwheel, the utility model saves time and effort, realizes remote control, and improves the safety of operating the polished rod blowout preventer.

The polished rod blowout preventer device developed by Sanjack uses a pneumatic drive to switch the polished rod blowout preventer, which saves time and effort and realizes remote control, improving the safety of operating, compared with manual operation of the handwheel.

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