Oil Wellhead and Christmas Tree

  • 40+ years of oil wellhead and christmas tree manufacturing experience.
  • PR2 certificates for gate valve, choke valve, tubing head and casing head.
  • The Oil wellhead and christmas tree is widely used in conventional oil recovery, thermal oil recovery, offshore oil recovery, fracturing, geothermal and other fields.
  • International advanced oil well control equipment test lab.
  • Sanjack is the best oil wellhead and christmas tree Manufacturers for oil wellhead and christmas tree.

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Oil Wellhead and Christmas Tree Manufacturers and Suppliers

40+ years of experience

Sanjack has been producing wellhead and Christmas tree since 1976.


Sanjack obtained the API 6A certificate in 2001 and the API 16A Certificate in 2006.

Strict quality control

Sanjack has the world’s most advanced wellhead test equipment, which is DNV certified.

High-end Customer Base

The world-famous company purchases the Sanjack wellhead, such as CNPC, CNOOC, ONGC, DALEEL, OXY, PDVSA, PDO.

Coventional Wellhead And Christmas Tree
  • 40+years of experiences
  • FF, PR1, PSL3
PR2 Wellhead And Christmas Tree
  • 4 PR2 certificates
  • DNV certification
Thermal Wellhead And Christmas Tree
  • Steam injection
  • Oil/gas production
Water injection Wellhead And Christmas Tree
  • High corrosion resistance
  • 7000psi, FF, PR2, PSL2
Fracture Wellhead And Christmas Tree
  • 20000psi, HH,
  • PSL4, PR2
Offshore Wellhead And Christmas tree
  • Integral design, Save space
  • 15000psi, PR2, PSL4, FF
ESP Wellhead And Christmas tree
  • Penetrator and Cable penetration
  • Reliable sealing performance
Gas recovery Wellhead And Christmas Tree
  • Superior gas tight performance
  • Corrosion proof performance

Sanjack oil wellhead control equipment factory is one of the main branches of Sanjack Group. It is a professional manufacturer specializing in the development, design, production, remanufacturing, maintenance, sales, and service of oil wellhead equipmentand oil christmas tree. The factory has 185 employees, more than 200 sets of various large and medium-sized mechanical processing equipment, an annual output of 3500 equipment, It is a pillar enterprise of Sanjack Group.
There are 5 senior engineers, 15 intermediate engineers, 10 assistant engineers in the factory. Intermediate and senior workers account for more than 90% of all workers. The superb technical level of employees provides a technical guarantee for the production of high-quality oil wellhead equipment and oilfield christmas tree. Contact us today for a quotation on your oil wellhead and christmas trees. If you are looking for wellhead christmas tree manufacturers in China, Sanjack is your best choice. We manufactuer wellhead christmas tree components, christmas tree for oil and gas offshore, christmas tree valve system. Sanjack Petro Company is your best supplier for oil well christmas tree.

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