How to choose the model of wellhead and X-tree?

Operating oil and gas wells require you to convert a flowing well into one that utilizes a mechanical pumping configuration.

During this process, there are many things you should take into consideration.

For instance, a tubing hold-down must be installed to ensure the correct pumping depth when extracting the down hole packers.

Removing a packer reduces formation pressure and helps promote fluid flow.

Additionally, there is always the need to reconstruct the wellhead to meet certain pump requirements.

For instance, you will find that some pumping units remove water blankets from the matrix section to improve the proper flow of the well.

Choosing wellhead and X-tree models

Choosing wellhead and X-tree models require special considerations.

This article outlines some factors you should keep in mind when selecting the model of wellhead and X-tree.

Selecting the model for wellhead and X-tree

When determining the appropriate wellhead and X-tree model, you need to keep many factors in mind. These factors include:

  • The condition of the well

Oil and gas wells are drilled deep into the ground.

Sometimes, the drilling occurs in varying conditions that require special treatments.

For instance, pressure, temperature, and aggressiveness of the wells may vary significantly.

In this case, you should choose the model of wellhead and Christmas tree based on the behavior of the well.

choose the model of wellhead and Christmas tree

You should determine the condition of the well in terms of temperature, pressure, and aggressiveness before opting for a wellhead and X-tree model.

The temperature class, material class, pressure class, performance rate, and product features can only be chosen after knowing how the well behaves.

  • What you intend to achieve

Well, this should always be the first consideration.

The first thing you need to know is how you want to use the wellhead and Christmas tree model.

The purpose you intend to achieve is significant when it comes to choosing a wellhead and X-tree model.

In this way, you can look at the models in terms of its use and where it is supposed to be used.

  • Type of activity

When it comes to oil and gas production activities, we can look at it regarding where the wellhead is located. Accordingly, types of activities can be looked at in terms of:

models wellhead and Christmas tree

  • Onshore oil production:

wellhead and X-tree models must meet the requirements of discovering, drilling, and producing oil onshore.

settling for the wellhead and X-tree model

Onshore gas production: similar to oil production onshore, discovering and producing gas requires certain specifications that must take into consideration.

Think about the pressure and temperature requirement for gas production onshore before settling for the wellhead and X-tree model.

  • Offshore wellhead:

First, a wellhead is a structure placed on the seabed of a drilled well.

The wellhead may be a single unit or several units grouped, forming a block with subsea trees placed on top of the wellhead to act as control units.

An offshore wellhead is found on the production platform, also known as surface wellhead.

offshore api 6a petroleum equipment

Choosing the wellhead and Christmas tree model may depend on the location of the wellhead.

For instance, it is an offshore wellhead or a subsea wellhead? You need to know which model works better for offshore operations and one that is right for onshore activities.

  • ESP wellhead:

ESP, or what is known as the electrical submersible pump, is an efficient and reliable artificial life method used to lift various volumes of liquid from wellbores.

The liquid volume may range from as low as 150B/D to as much as 150000B/D. variable speed controllers can be used to extend these volumes significantly.

ESP wellheads are chosen depending on various ESP components. These components include:

  • Surface control
  • Power cable
  • Seal-chamber section
  • Three-phase induction motor
  • Multi-staged centrifugal pump.

The ESP components are normally tubing hanging from the wellhead with the pump and motor attached top and below, respectively.

The configuration is inverted for special applications, and they help determine the model of wellhead and X-tree.

  • The size of every wellhead and X-tree equipment

The size of various wellhead and X-tree parts determine the model used. For instance, surface casing, hanged casing, and hanged tubing, among others, should help you identify the model of wellhead and X-tree.

Talking about the parts, each wellhead and X-tree equipment should be identified and considered separately;

let us take a look.

  • 1.Polished rod

Too short polished rods can cause issues, especially when working on troublesome wells.

Additionally, the workers might drop the rod string to tap the bottom or complete other servicing tasks.

An appropriately sized polished rod allows it to completely drop to the stuffing box’s peak without causing trouble.

  • 2.Polished Rod Clamp

Polished rod clamps are used when transporting oil and gas to reinforce the rod string, while the extra weight rests on the carrier bar and the bridle.

Situations may call for the use of two polished rod clamps to enhance safety.

The reason for this safety addition is to help the rod string and prevent it from traveling into the stuffing box. The polished rod clamp prevents various spills.

  • 3.Check valves

Check valves are known to be an issue for wellheads.

The accumulation of scale or trash beneath the check valve seat or internal failure may prevent the check valve from providing a proper seal.

Additionally, these problems can allow oil or gas to escape and flow back into the wellbore.

Therefore, it is essential to consider this equipment and maintain them properly to ensure efficient operations.

wellhead and Xmas-tree models

Choosing the model of wellhead and X-tree may not be as simple as you imagine.

Equally, it should not be an overly overwhelming task.

Once you know what to look out for, the entire process should be straightforward and easy.

This article has outlined some factors that you need to look into when choosing wellhead and X-tree models.

It is a good starting point, even though you need more comprehensive information, which can be found from an expert.

The bottom line

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