frac wellhead

Unconventional oil and gas resources have some special features, such as it will require large-scale fracturing during oilfield exploration and development.

For conventional fracturing, its displacement volume of is 4 ~ 6 m³ / min, and amount of construction fluid is 500 ~ 600 m³. By comparison, the discharge of unconventional fracturing will require 10 ~ 15 m³ / min, and the liquid used for single layer is about 2000 m³.

Typically, unconventional fracturing will adopt wireline bridge plugs and perforation guns, which claims working pressure and large size of diameter of fracturing wellhead.

In addition, the backflow cycle is rather long for tens of thousands of cubic meters of fracturing fluid will be used in a single well.

fracture wellhead for oilfield fracture wellhead oil and gas

Focus on present and existed disadvantages and deficiencies of the conventional fracturing wellhead and gas test device, Sanjack successfully developed the unconventional fracturing wellhead with large diameter, which has been popularized and applied in Shengli Oilfield, and achieved good results.

The key techniques of this wellhead are to design hydraulic and manual gate valves, hanger, goat head, conversion flange and other connecting parts under working pressure of 105mpa. It realizes the process of layered fracturing and post-fracturing blowout prevent at wellhead.

The first set of fracturing wellhead KL130-105 was tested in Well Fengshen 1-Ping 1 of Shengli Oilfield, and this set of wellhead fully met the requirement of 105mpa working pressure during fracturing. With safe and reliable sealing, low switch torque of handwheel, high degree of automation, it effectively improves production speed and recovery rate and obtains good application effect.

Unconventional fracturing wellhead structure diagram

unconventional fracturing wellhead

Unconventional fracturing wellhead technical parameters

T/C -60 ℃ ~121
WP 15000Psi
Nominal ID 103mm、130mm