thermal oil recovery wellhead and christmas tree
Thermal wellhead is one of the surface equipment for thermal oil recovery.

It is used for steam injection, stuffy well and oil flow production.

It is composed of Christmas tree, tubing head, and bottom flange.

One side of the Christmas tree is connected with the wellhead compensator, which is the steam inlet.

The oil nozzle on the other side is connected with the oil pipeline, which is the crude oil outlet.

Steam enters the stratum through steam injection valve, main pass valve, and heat insulation tubing.

Tubing head and wing valves are used for nitrogen injection or fracturing. When the pressure is lower than 21Mpa, a clamp is used to connect the Thermal wellhead.

when the pressure is higher than 21Mpa, the flanged connection is usually adopted.

thermo receovery

Sanjack provides one-stop thermal recovery solutions for Bankers Oilfield in Albania, including steam injection boilers, water treatment devices, thermal wellhead, VIT&VIC, injection & recovery pumps, thermal packers, and pumping units.

The wellhead structure diagram is as follows:

thermal oil recovery wellhead

The parameter table of thermal wellhead and christmas tree in Albania is as follows:

Technical Specifiation
S/N Description UoM Qty
Casing head A: PR1 PSL2 DD-1.5 370
A1 Casing head, top flange 11″ 3000psi x bottom 9 5/8″ SOW, with 8 lock down screw, c/w two 2″ LP side outlets Nos 1
A2 Bull plug, 2″LP Nos 2
A3 7″Slip type casing hanger, Nos 1
A4 Bolt with (2) nuts, 1 3/8-8UN-10.25″ Nos 16
A5 Ring gasket R53 Nos 1
Spacer spool B: PR1 PSL2 DD-1.5 370
B1 Adapter flange, top studded 7 1/16″ 5000psi x bottom flange 11″ 3000psi Nos 1
B2 Bolt with (1) nut 1 3/8″-8UN-7.1″ Nos 12
B3 Spacer spool, top flange 7 1/16″ 5000psi x bottom flange 7 1/16″*5000psi Nos 1
B4 Bolt with (2) nuts 1 3/8″-8UN-11.4″ Nos 12
B5 Ring gasket R46 Nos 1
Tubing head C: PR1 PSL2 DD-1.5 370
C1 Tubing head, top flange 7 1/16″*5000psi x bottom flange 7 1/16″*5000psi, with 12 lock down screws, with two 2 1/16″ 5000 psi studded outlets. Nos 1
C2 Ring gasket R24 Nos 4
C3 Threaded flange, 2 1/16″*5000psi-2″LP Nos 2
C4 Bull plug, 2″LP-NPT 1/2″ Nos 1
C5 Needle valve, 5000psi Nos 1
C6 Pressure gauge, 0-5000psi Nos 1
C7 Bolt with (2) nuts 7/8″-9UNC-6.5″ Nos 16
C8 Tubing hanger, for 4 1/2 * 3 1/2 VIT Nos 1
C9 Ring gasket R46 Nos 1
C10 Bolt with (2) nuts 1 3/8″-8UN-11.4″ Nos 12
C11 Bolt with (1) nut 7/8″-9UNC-4.33″ Nos 16
C12 Flange type gate valve, 2 1/16″*5000psi Nos 2
C13 Bull plug, 2″LP Nos 1
X-mas tree D: PR1 PSL2 DD-1.5 370
D1 Adapter flange, top 3 1/8″ 5000 psi x bottom flange 7 1/16″ 5000psi Nos 1
D2 Bolt with (1) Nut, 1 1/8″-8UNC-5.12″ Nos 8
D3 Valve block, drift 3 1/8″ * 5000psi and by pass 2 9/16″ * 5000psi, bottom 3 1/8″ 5000psi flange × 3 1/2″EUE box top 1
D4 Bolt with (1) Nut, 1″-8UNC-4.6″ Nos 16
D5 Flange type gate valve, 2 9/16″*5000psi Nos 2
D6 Bolt with (2) nuts, 1″-8UNC-6.88″ Nos 16
D7 Flow controller, 2 9/16″*5000psi Nos 1
D8 Bull plug, NPT 2″ Nos 1
D9 Polished rod BOP, with one set of 1 1/2″ polished rod ram, top x bottom 3 1/2″ EUE thread connection’ Nos 1
D10 Stuffing box, seal 1 1/2″ polished rod, 3 1/2″ EUE pin connection Nos 1
D11 Ring gasket R27 Nos 4
D12 Clamp flange 2 9/16″*5000psi Nos 1
D13 Ring gasket R35 Nos 1
1 Seals for hanger Set 1
2 Bull plug 3 1/2″ EUE Nos 1
Repair kits (for 5 sets wellhead)
1 Wear bushing, OD 178mm Nos 1
2 Wear bushing, OD 275mm Nos 1
3 Test plug, NC 38 Pin x box Nos 1
4 Test plug, NC50 Pin x box Nos 1
5 Spanner (2 pc/spec) Set 1


Sanjack’s thermal wellhead has the following characteristics:

  1. 2 1 / 16 “and 3 1 / 8” gate valves are manual operated, rising stem parallel gate valves.
  2. The packing adopts the combined seal form of O-ring and expanded graphite seal ring, which can adjust the tightness of graphite seal ring under pressure, so that the seal is reliable and opening/closing is easily to operate.
  3. The seal between the gate plate, valve seat and valve body is the outlet end seal.
  4. The valve is of rising stem structure, and the opening/closing of valve can be judged by observing the position of valve stem. In order to prevent mud and other dirt from entering the valve stem thread, a protective cover is designed on the top of the hand-wheel.
  5. The gate valve (BOP) is manual operating, Non rising stem, double-sided and horizontal. When the hand-wheel at both ends is rotated, the left and right main cores are closed or separated from each other to achieve the purpose of sealing/opening polished rod.
  6. The gasket and sealing block of double stuffing box are composed of left and right parts, and the opening of seal ring is for easy installation.
  7. The fluid passing through the check valve can only flow from one end to the other. Both ends of the check valve are 2LP female thread, which can be connected with the male thread at both ends.
  8. The fluid passing through the ball valve is relatively unobstructed. Both ends of the ball valve are 2LP female thread, which can be connected with the male thread at both ends.