offshore dual well thermal wellhead

In order to save the space of offshore oil recovery platform and improve the space utilization rate, SanJack successfully developed Single column dual-well thermal recovery wellhead in 2011.

With a height of 3.6m and a weight of 7.8T, the wellhead can realize integrated operation of offshore steam injection and oil recovery.

single column dual well thermal recovery wellhead and christmas tree
It is two separate wellheads mounted in a single well slot that can work independently. The Single column dual-well thermal recovery wellhead effectively saves the platform space, improves the utilization rate of the platform, and relatively improves the oil recovery of the platform. The wellhead has obtained the national patent.

Technical Parameters

Maximum Working Temperature(℃)370
Working pressure at the highest working temperature(MPa)3000
Working mediumCrude oil/Gas/Steam
Main Drift(mm)78
Beside Drift(mm)65