Offshore wellhead and X-mas tree

Sanjack’s offshore oil wellhead meets the requirements of offshore oil and gas recovery. Because of space limitation, the christmas tree is integral.

  • The main valve and paraffin valve of christmas tree adopt the combined structure, the overall height is low.
  • The main channel is equipped with a liquid-controlled safety valve to remotely close the wellhead in case of emergency.
  • According to the production needs, the main channel can be equipped with rubber valves for progressing cavity pump oil recovery.

Sanjack has more than 40 years of experience in International Standard wellhead and christmas tree production, with advanced manufacturing and testing equipment, can produce a variety of pressure levels, material levels, specification levels of  wellhead and christmas tree.

Offshore wellhead and X-mas tree is designed to solve the problem of space limitation faced in offshore platform oil and gas wells, and adopts a complex integral design.

This offshore wellhead and X-mas tree is usually machined from one steel bar, thus decreasing the overall height of wellhead and X-mas tree equipment.

To increase its safety, this equipment is fitted with a hydraulic safety valve.

Sanjack’s offshore wellhead equipment has many special designs to meet the needs of offshore oil recovery.

1). Optimization of gate valve torque

The rod seal is made of polytetrafluoroethylene with skeleton, so the seal is reliable.The new type of rod seal structure has small switching torque and 3 1/8 “ valve can be turned without pressure by a finger.

gate valve

2) Switch indicator of gate valve

We changed the structure of the gate valve and added a Switch indicator on the valve bearing box, as shown in the figure.

Observe the position of the indicator ring to determine the status of the valve on/off.

offshore wellhead & x-mas tree switch indicator

3). Optimization of cable seal

Sanjack redesigned the structure of the cable seals, turning the original V-shaped seals into tapered seals.

offshore wellhead & x-mas tree tapered seals

4) BIW penetration

In order to further improve the tightness of the cable, we use BIW penetration.

BIW penetration

The equipment has an integral BIW cable type and three single cable types to suit different requirements.
1. Combined master valve and swab valve to decrease the offshore wellhead & X-mas tree height
2. Hydraulic safety valve in main drift diameter to achieve remote shutdown of wellhead in an emergency
3. Segregated tubing head spool. Top and bottom parts are connected by insert type locking piece. This structure means the X-mas tree could be adjusted in any direction during installation.
4. Equipped with BIW cable penetration and fitted adapter flange and hanger.

Working pressure (PSI) 3000, 5000, 10000,15000
Nominal diameter (inch) 2-9/16、3-1/8、4-1/16
Working temperature ℃ PU (-29℃-121℃)
Working media Crude oil/Gas
Material class BB/CC/DD/EE/FF
Specification level PSL2, PSL3/3G,PSL4
Performance level PR1 PR2

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