Sanjack’s PR2 wellheads are widely used in Oman. This is one project of PR2 Wellhead Project in Oman.

XOY, DALEEL and Petrogas are our customers. The specific application of SanJack PR2 wellhead in Oman is as follows:

pr2 wellhead oman

Oilfield Well Condition:

Fluid Properties

  • low consolidated sands
  • Oil density: 10°- 33°API
  • Bubble Point: 240 – 2000 kPa
  • Reservoir Porosity: 28-38%
  • Drive Type: Water Drive.
  • GOR: 0.1 – 5 m3/m3
  • Reservoir Temperature: 60°C initial
  • Permeability: 100 ~ 5,000+ millidarcies
  • Dead Oil Viscosity: 5 cP – 8000 cP @ reservoir temperature

Typical Water Analysis for MG formation (APO well).

There are various amounts of H2S and CO2 recorded (see below).

Design parameters

  • Static Pressure: 7000 – 18,000 kPa (+/-)
  • PI: 0.002-2 m3/d/kpa
  • Expected rates: 20 – 250 m3/d (+/-)
  • Bottom hole temperature: 55°C – 65°C
  • Expected wellhead temperature: 45°C – 49°C
  • Mostly Vertical & deviated Wells with few horizontal wells with slotted liner.
  • H2S (10 – 8000 ppm) and CO2(0.4 – 2.5) %.
  • Water Cut: 10 – 95%.
  • Sand content: 0.02 – 24g/m3
  • Pump setting depth at 30 to 300 m above top Perforations or of slotted liner up to 45° angle.

5000pai pr2 wellhead

    1. Wellhead and Christmas Tree Design and Configuration

We design our wellhead and X-tree as per the site data, well conditions and communication with end user about the raised clarifications. Thus, the below configuration is approved and prove that it is suitable for site application together with its high quality, easy installation and competitive cost. They now enjoy a high reputation by themselves.


API 6A Latest, PR-2, PSL-1, M/C: ‘DD-NL’, T/C: ‘U’, Pressure: 3000psi

    1. Section A: Casing Head Housing 13 5/8 3K flange x 13 3/8 box BTC connection. BTC
    2. Section B: Tubing Head Spool 13 5/8” x 11” 3K
    3. Section C: X-mas Tree 3 1/8”

Site Service

During initial several wells, our service engineers are at site for installation assistance and supervision, and the other necessary tasks. The below is an example for site service of tubing head and Christmas tree installation. And our presence makes sure all installation goes well and finish the troubleshooting, and thus our duty and dedication with professionalism are admired by our end user.

Arrived at camp, and checked personal equipment preparation like booths, clothes, H2S Certificate, H2S detector, etc.

We had a visual check for the metal seal, S seal, and BPV compatibility in the tubing hanger as per site requirement;

At 2.30am, got to rig platform, and confirmed with company man that the direction between master valve and penetrator hole.

Then, clean top connection and bottom of tubing hanger, S seal groove, and installed S seal and penetrator;

Then, connect the tubing and tubing hanger to run the tubing hanger with tubing after fixing the penetrator hole and master valve

Fourth, tighten the tie down screws while it is advised to tighten them symmetrically and evenly. Also, the end length of LDS is checked, no problem;

Finally, tubing test. We got back to camp and waited for the installation of tree after removal of BOP;

At noon, returned to the rig, we together released the tubing (used to run tubing hanger ever before). Put down the BPV to remove the BOP easily and safely;

In the evening,after removal of BOP,checked the tubing hanger up thread and the position of penetrator, no problem;

Then, metal seal was installed and afterwards, connect the adapter and tubing head. Begin the pressure test;

Test the void between adapter and tubing head, no problem

Installed the Christmas tree in the morning. As of that time, everything goes well.

Later, for the next coming well, we went to check the 13 3/8 casing clamp, emergency slip, gasket ring BX160, bolts, tubing head spool, O-ring for r/r tools of casing hanger, no problem.

Site Performance

Our wellhead and Christmas tree make site installation easy and efficient and save lots of cost and time for our end user.

The below are the comments from our end user.

“The Sanjack, as a supplier, provided with 13-5/8*11*3-1/8 wellhead and X-tree to us.

And they positively reacted and did a lot of efforts to speedily offer wellhead products and to conform to API standards, and their high mobility flexibility to be site to fix the technical issues also help us a lot. Generally, Sanjack performance was satisfactory in terms of product quality being provided, delivery time and good on commitment, cooperative and site supporter.”