PR2 gate valve

PR2 gate valves are designed for high performance wellheads and christmas tree in Oil or gas recovery wells, especially the gas wells that containing H2S or CO2 in high volume.

  • 25 years PR2 gate valve manufacturing experience
  • The strictest quality standards on PR2 gate valve
  • Full support on your customised requirement

The Sanjack PR2 valve is designed to suit severe oilfield conditions.

It is mainly used in oil/gas wells with high performance requirements.

Sanjack is a DNV verified anti-H2S Christmas tree valve manufacturer, with both the PR2 valve and the PR2 valve testing devices duly certified by the DNV.

To be so certified, the PR2 valves undergoes 160 open/close dynamic cyclic tests at room temperature, 20 such cycles at 121 Celsius degree, 20 dynamic cyclic pressure tests at -60 Celsius degree, and 3 instances of high/low dynamic temperature pressure tests.

PR2 valves are more durable than PR1 valves.

Seals are reliable and service life can reach 20 years.

PR2 Gate Valve Experimental Parameters:

Rated working Pressure(psi) 15000
Wellhead Nominal Diameter(in) 3 1/16”
Working Temperature(℃) -46℃-121℃
Production Specification Level PSL3G
Performance Performance PR2F
Material Class FF

Wellhead Equipment Testing Lab

Sanajck is the SINOPEC designated well control experimental base, it owns the first international advanced well control equipment test device in China, and can take all kinds of water pressure and air pressure sealing test, the maximum pressure can reach to 35000psi. All the test processes are controlled by computer.

The base provides reliable quality guarantee for Sanjack well control products.

This PR2 testing device can perform dynamic test and air tightness test in high and low temperature, pressure and temperature cycling test.The highest temperature can reach 150℃ and lowest -70℃。This device was proved achieving national level by DNV.

PR2 valve pressure and temperature cycling test device

PR2 Valve Test Data

pr2 experimental data

  • Non-elastomer combined seals for stem seals and seals between seat and body.
  • Metal to metal seal between seat and gate & body and bonnet.
  • Back seal design between stem and bonnet allows stem seal change under pressure
  • Hard alloy spray on the surface of valve gate and seat.
  • Excellent performance of anti-corrosion and anti-abrasion
  • Heat treatment and elaborate machining for pressure containing/pressure control parts. Small rotating torque.
  • PR2 valve test is certified by DNV. Its performance meets the full requirement of the PR2 standard.
Working pressure(psi) 2000-20000
Nominal diameter 2 1/16,2 9/16, 3 1/8, 4-1/16,5-1/8
Working temperature -60~121℃
Material Class AA BB CC DD EE FF HH
Product Specification Level PSL2 PSL3 PSL3G PSL4
Performance rate PR2

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