Gate valve

Sanjack Petro manufactures Gate valve in China. We have our own factory of Gate valve. Sanjack Petro provide the high quality and competitive price on Gate valve for you. Contact us now for Gate valve quotation.

  • Sanjack designs various types of oil wellhead according to the International standard.
  • Do the pressure analysis to pressured and forced parts with 3D software to check the strength of wellhead and christmas tree.
  • The wellhead and christmas tree has carried out rigorous tests, such as magnetic particle, ultrasonic, pressure test and and so on.

Gate Valve

Oil wellhead is an important ground equipment which is used for producing oil or gas, it is composed of a casing head, a tubing head and a Christmas tree.

It also used for collecting the casing string and the tubing string, and sealed the annular space between every sleeve and the pipeline.

It can also control the pressure of the wellhead, and regulate the wellhead device and the flow of the wellhead of oil extraction.

Besides, it can used for some special work, such as fracture acidizing, water injection and testing, it can meet different working condition, and reliable sealing, work security.

The valve is an important part of the wellhead equipment and the control part of the fluid transmission system.

It has the functions of cut-off, regulation, diversion, overflow and pressure relief.

Our company can produce valves suitable for various well conditions.

Oil wellhead gate valve, as the most important equipment of oil wellhead, is used to open or cut off media flow and control the flow direction as needed. The reasonable and convenient of its designing is great important to the oil producing wellhead control device in its reasonably design.

Sanjack is able to produce a variety of gate valves, details are as follows:

1). Non-rising Stem Gate Valve

Non rising stem gate valve

Nonrising stem gate valve

Principle: Gate valve stem nut in direct contact with the medium in the valve body, open and close the gate by rotating stem to achieve.

Advantages: The height of gate valves always remains the same, so the installation space is small, suitable for large diameter or installation space limited of gate valves.

Faults: valve stem threads are directly eroded by medium.

Requirement: Install gate valve opening indicator

Non-rising Stem Gate Valve Part Drawing

Non rising stem gate valve part drawing

2). Rrising Stem Gate Valve

Rising stem gate valve

Rising stem gate valve

Principle: The gate valve stem nut mounted on stem or bracket. When the gate is opened and closed, the stem can be lifted or lowered by turning the stem nut.

Characteristic: the opening and closing degree is obvious, which is good for the lubrication of valve stem

Non-rising Stem Gate Valve Part Drawing

Rising stem gate valve part

Rising stem gate valve part

Rated working pressure(psi) 3000,5000,10000,15000,20000
Valve Nominal diameter(in) 2-1/16,2-9/16,3-1/16,3 -1/8, 4-1/16,5-1/8,7-1/16
Production specification level PSL1 PSL2 PSL3 PSL3G PSL4
Performance rate PR1 PR2
Material class AA BB CC DD EE FF HH
Connection type Thread, flange

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