Floating Target Single Well Gas-Liquid multiphase flow meter

SANJACK passed ISO9001 certification in 2005 and three-system certification in 2017. The company has advanced production equipment, inspection, measurement, and test equipment, which can meet the requirements of product design, development, production, and service and has the only multiphase flow laboratory for Sinopec. The main products are single-screw and twin-screw oil-gas mixed pump, MFM2000 series multiphase flowmeter, LPT multiphase metering device, HPT multiphase metering device, on-line water-bearing analyzer, and single-well gas-liquid flowmeter device. Floating Target Single Well

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This kind of flow meter adopts the differential pressure signal of a standard choke device, to detect differential pressure and fluid pressure and temperature signal by differential pressure, pressure and temperature sensors. After processing by the converter and the CPU, various factors which affect the measurement accuracy, are dynamically compensated online. This flow meter can be widely used in petroleum, chemical, natural gas, and other industries.

The device has anti-interference and anti-impurity performance and has good adaptability in wells with small flow rate, high viscosity, easy to condense and easily block, high and low temperature, strong corrosion, strong vibration, etc. hard conditions.

Gas-Liquid multiphase flow meter

Gas-Liquid multiphase flow meter

The gas-liquid two-phase fluid flows upward vertically after passing the inlet, pushing the float to rise, and the fluid enters the device annulus through the annulus between the float and the inlet pipe. The fluid forms a pair of interaction forces between the floater impulsion and the gravity, then reaches a balance state. The flow rate of the fluid is related to the annulus area. The higher the floater rises, the larger the throttle area, thus the larger the fluid flow rate. Therefore, the pressure difference between the former and the latter floater, reflects the size of the fluid flow.

The new kind of flow meter obtains the flow data by measuring the pressure difference between former and latter floater, the displacement and vibration of the floater, to perform multiphase flow collection. Due to stable quality of the floater, imported components of differential pressure sensor and online temperature and pressure correction, the measurement data is reliable.

Liquid flow formula:

Liquid flow Qliquid, is the function of floater amplitude h, fluid pressure p, and fluid temperature T.

Gas flow formula:

Gas flow Qgas, is the function of floater amplitude h, floater vibrating frequency f, fluid pressure p, and fluid temperature T.



The gas-Liquid multiphase flow meter is a kind of MFM2000 series multiphase flow meter with the following characteristics:

1). Integrated design and simple structure, make the installation easy.

2). Small size, low requirement for installation space. It is especially suitable for wells with limited installation space.

3). The entire measurement process is automatically controlled by the computer.

4). The multiphase flow meter can be equipped with RTU and other equipment, to realize remote data transmission and remote monitoring.


This new type of variable cross-section differential pressure flowmeter obtains the flow data of gas-liquid two-phase fluid by measuring the pressure difference before and after the float, the displacement and vibration of the float, and carries out multi-phase flow acquisition. Because the float quality is stable, the differential pressure sensor adopts imported components, and the online temperature and pressure correction is used, so the measurement data is reliable, with good repeatability and strong adaptability Solar charging, energy saving and environmental protection, flexible operation, long endurance.

single well flowmeter device

Gas-Liquid multiphase flow meter

Data Sheet of Gas-Liquid multiphase flow meter

Measurement range Gas rate 0~100%
Liquid range 0~800m3 (optional)
Measurement accuracy Gas range ±15.0%
Liquid range ±3.0%
Pressure Measurement 0~2.5—40MPa, accuracy level 0.5
Temperature Measurement -40~150℃, accuracy level 0.5
Nominal Pressure 1.6, 2.5, 4.0, 6.4MPa
Power Supply DC8~30V
Explosion proof class Exd II BT4
Maximum pressure loss ≤0.01MPa
Signal output Data local display, GPRS remote transmission (optional)
Connection Flange connection, clamp connection

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