Wet Gas Well multiphase flow meter

SANJACK passed ISO9001 certification in 2005 and three-system certification in 2017. The company has advanced production equipment, inspection, measurement and test equipment, which can meet the requirements of product design, development, production and service and has the only multiphase flow laboratory for Sinopec.The main products are single-screw and twin-screw oil-gas mixed pump, MFM2000 series multiphase flowmeter, LPT multiphase metering device, HPT multiphase metering device, on-line water-bearing analyzer and single-well gas-liquid flowmeter device. Wet Gas Well multiphase flow meter is a kind of MFM2000 series multiphase flowmeter with the following characteristics:

  • The whole process of the device is a passage, so the accident, affecting oilfield production, will not occur even under the abnormal conditions.
  • The equipment is small in size, the inlet and outlet flanges are docked, and the installation is convenient.
  • High measurement accuracy and good repeatability.
  • The equipment is powered by solar energy system, which is safe and environmentally friendly, and no external power supply is required..

Wet gas metering is an internationally recognized worldwide problem. Separating a small amount of liquid from a large amount of gas is the core technology of our gas metering device.

Sanjack Wet Gas Meter (WGM) is a state-of-the-art technology for inline measurement of wet gas flow. The meter allows accurate measurement of liquid (water/condensate) content in the gas and individual flow rate of gas and liquid, with a very compact structure design. Depending on application requirement, the wet gas meters can be of a spool piece or skid mounted design.


The equipment adopts modular design, with features of reliable operation, low failure rate and convenient maintenance. The entire metering device mainly consists of four modules: a gas-liquid separation module, a gas metering module, a flow control module, and a liquid amount metering module. This modular design makes maintenance and repair work flexible and convenient.


After the gas-liquid mixture of the gas well enters into the separation device, the preliminary separation is performed by the high-speed centrifugal swirling action of the gas and liquid. After gas-liquid separation, the gas circulation portion passes through a mist trapping device, which is mainly used to adsorb droplets carried in the gas. The separation device is provided with a settling section so that the liquid separated by the swirling flow is separated again. After entering the balancing valve, the liquid and gas are drained according to the liquid level. The gas with lower density enters the gas pipeline through the separator, and the separated gas is metered by gas flow meter then enters into the outlet pipe; and after the liquid with higher density is separated, it flows into the outlet pipe after calculating the liquid amount.


1). The product is suitable for the calibration of gas-liquid two-phase flow in gas wells

2). The instantaneous flow and cumulative flow of gas-liquid two-phase can be accurately measured and displayed on site;

3). Real time monitoring of wellhead temperature, pressure and other parameters

4). Historical data curve mapping and storage output


1.Power supply:

Solar panel power supply, voltage 12V.

2.Measuring range:

Liquid volume range: 0-200m3 / D, gas volume range: 0-50000nm3 / d.

3.Metering accuracy of the device:

The measurement accuracy of liquid volume is less than ± 2.5%, and the measurement accuracy of gas volume is less than ± 2.5%.

4.Design pressure:


5.Using environment:

-25 ~ 85 ℃, relative humidity < 95% RH.

6.Connection mode:

Flange connection, connecting flange in accordance with gb9115.17-19-88, asme16.5 standards.

7.Explosion proof grade

The explosion-proof requirements comply with the provisions of GB 3836.2-2000, and the explosion-proof grade is Exd Ⅱ BT4.

8.Level of protection


1). Compact, lightweight and modular

2). Non-Intrusive

3). No moving parts, low maintenance requirements

4). Wide operational range

5). Remote operation and self verification

6). Remote operation and data acquisition

7). Unique in-line wet gas model

8). Low pressure loss

9). Low power consumption



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