Single Well Water Cut Analyzer

SANJACK passed ISO9001 certification in 2005 and three-system certification in 2017. The company has advanced production equipment, inspection, measurement and test equipment, which can meet the requirements of product design, development, production and service and has the only multiphase flow laboratory for Sinopec. The main products are single-screw and twin-screw oil-gas mixed pump, MFM2000 series multiphase flowmeter, LPT multiphase metering device, HPT multiphase metering device, on-line water-bearing analyzer and single-well gas-liquid flowmeter device.

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The ALC05 wellhead Water cut meter is mainly used for water content measurement in oilfield wellheads. It is directly connected with the processing pipeline through two DN50 (other specifications can be customized) flanges to realize online real-time sampling and non-real-time measurement. The structure and measurement method of this wellhead Water cut meter eliminates the influence of gas or other impurities in the crude oil on the water measurement results and improves the measurement accuracy.

wellhead water cut analyzer

As shown in the figure, the front view includes the main control box and junction box. The main control box is the main measurement control unit of the whole machine, showing the data of the wellhead Water cut meter. Users can adjust the parameters according to the manual. The junction box provides users with amphenol connector for external power supply and communication.


ALC series wellhead Water cut meter can adapt to extreme conditions such as gas, oil recovery additives and sediment. Even in the case of gas-liquid intermittent flow, the instrument can work normally. The aquifer has won two national patents for technological inventions.

water cut analyzer

The ALC05 wellhead crude oil water cut meter adopts an innovative dual-section structure, which automatically switches the measuring section and bypass section. The measurement process consists of the following steps: switching sampling, preliminary measurement and analysis, heating stratification, scanning measurement of water content layer, and calculation of comprehensive water content. When the liquid flow channel is switched to the bypass section, the original medium flowing through the measurement section is intercepted and can be stationary, heated, stratified and scanned at any time interval. Because of the relatively static measurement environment, gas, liquid and impurities have enough stratification time and heating assistance, good measurement accuracy can be achieved. In addition to the output water content measurement results, the instrument can even measure the gas-liquid ratio under operating conditions (dissolved gas can not be measured).

single well water cut analyzer


Wellhead/Single Well Water cut meter is a kind of MFM2000 series multiphase flowmeter with the following characteristics:

1). The relative static measurement process is realized by using the principle of online sampling and online measurement.

2). The static time and heating temperature can be set according to the parameters, which ensures a good separation effect of gas-liquid and impurities, and provides a guarantee for high-precision measurement.

3). In addition to display and output, the measurement results also have the function of historical data storage, which stores the historical data of the online measurement results.

4). Intelligent communication, the software can be upgraded on-site.

Advantages of Single Well Water Cut Analyzer:

  1. 1. It has the function of temperature control. It can set the target temperature and has a built-in temperature sensor. The instrument can measure and display temperature without an external temperature transmitter and compensate for the temperature of water content measurement results.
  2. 2. According to the requirement of wellhead water cut measurement, the time and times of daily measurement can be set to get the water cut of each measurement and calculate the comprehensive water cut of a day.
  3. 3. Chinese characters + digital display in situ, original 3-key non-contact keys, greatly facilitating the user’s operation of explosion-proof meter head.
  4. 4. Installation is convenient and fast, without the requirement of a front and rear straight pipe sections, and is insensitive to flow velocity.
  5. 5. With an automatic heating device, the upper limit of heating temperature can be set to meet the temperature requirements of medium stratification under different working conditions.water cut meter

Single Well Water cut meter (In Dongxin Oil Recovery Plant)

Data Sheet of Single Well Water Cut Analyzer

Power supply: AC220V, 50Hz

Current: ≤ 3A

Signal output: 4~20mA current, RS485/MODBUS communication

Material contacted the liquid: SS304 + polytetrafluoroethylene

Measuring range: 0% ~ 100%

Accuracy: ±3%

Environment temperature: -40 ~ 65℃

Installation method: Section Installation, Flange Installation DN50PN2.5

Flange material: SS304

Body material: SS304

Installation place: Pipeline on wellhead or in metering room; horizontal or vertical installation

Explosion-proof class: ExdⅡBT4

Protection class: IP65

Designed pressure: 2.5MPa

Designed temperature: 0~160℃

Display: LCD display

Electrical connection: M20*1.5 internal thread

Ground type: whole machine working ground; lightning protection ground; Internal circuit shielding ground; shell protection ground

Single Well Water Cut Analyzer

application case flow meter

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