Shaffer LWS and SL ram BOP

Sanjack Petro owns a strong ability about research, design and manufacture, of Blowout preventer. The company can supply LWS and SL ram BOP which comply with International standard. Based on the differences in drilling conditions, Sanjack can recommend a suitable Shaffer LWS and SL ram BOP to customers through parameters such as pressure, pore size, and corrosion conditions.

  • More than 20-years manufacturing experience of LWS and SL ram BOP
  • The strictest quality inspection on every BOP from Sanjack..
  • Full support on customized requirement based on different work condition.

Sanjack is an excellent manufacturer of LWS and SL ram BOP of Shaffer type.

The LWS BOP, AKA Low weight S, uses a two-piece ram assembly and single piece seal assembly.

The two-piece ram allows the use of a floating ram principle whereby the upper seal does not have an interference fit against the upper sealing surface in the BOP body until the ram is almost closed.

The rear section of the ram continues to move forward after the main ram blocks have met each other and have stopped, thereby extruding the upper seal tightly against the body of the BOP.

Well bore pressure acts against the rams to help effect a tight seal.

Compared with LWS type, SL or so-called S type blowout preventer is designed for a wider range of pressure and bore size. The pressure is from 3,000 psi to 10,000 psi and bore sizes range from 9″ to 26 3/4″.

This also means more security and reliability.
Shaffer LWS and SL ram BOP (1)

Both LWS and SL of Sanjack can make ram change by removing the bonnet bolts and swinging the doors open. The hydraulic system is built into the hinge assembly, therefore, it is not necessary to disconnect any of the hydraulic systems. Hydraulic pressure can be applied to the BOP with the doors open to cycle the ram shafts in and out for inspection.

  • The LWS blowout preventer of Sanjack has an external oil circuit for easy maintenance and repair, and is suitable for operations with relatively small diameters and low working pressure.
  • LWS and S BOP are suitable for different working conditions, which is convenient for customers to choose according to the working intensity
  • After Sanjack improvement, both LWS and SL BOP have the light weight and compact structure
  • There are a wide range of ram specifications available, including pipe rams, fully sealed rams, variable diameter rams, and shear rams.

Cameron U and C ram BOP (3)


Model LWS SL or S
Nominal diameter(in) 7 to 13 5/8 9 to 26 3/4
Rated working pressure(psi) 3000 to 5000 3000 to 10000
Processing type Casting Casting
Material 4130 or optional 4130 or optional
Metal temperature class -29~121℃ -29~121℃
Nonmetal temp. class -18~121℃ -18~121℃
Ring gasket Standard Parts Standard Parts
Dimension and Weight Based on specific type Based on specific type

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