Safety valve

Sanjack Petro manufactures Safety valve in China. We have our own factory of Safety valve. Sanjack Petro provide the high quality and competitive price on Safety valve for you. Contact us now for Safety valve quotation.

  • 25 years Safety valve manufacturing experience
  • The strictest quality standards on Safety valve
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The Sanjack wellhead surface safety valve is a reverse acting gate valve with hydraulically actuated compressed piston actuator mounted on it. The surface safety valve (SSV) is designed to be a fail-safe and fail-close gate valve.
SSV is mostly used on high pressure wellhead and X-mas tree, H2S wellhead and X-mas tree, offshore wellhead and X-mas tree and etc. as a master valve and/or wing valve.

It is operated by a remote emergency shutdown device.

It will automatically close with the loss of control pressure and will open automatically when the control pressure is restored.

  • Prompt open/close control
  • Remotely operated with a high safety performance
  • PR2 gate valve with a long service life
  • Used as a master valve or a wing valve.
  • Recommended for use in high pressure and/or large bore applications
Actuator Type Hydraulic , pneumatic
Rated working pressure(psi) 3000,5000,10000,15000
Nominal diameter(in) 2-1/16,2-9/16,3-1/16,3 -1/8, 4-1/16
Production specification level PSL1 PSL2 PSL3 PSL3G PSL4
Performance rate PR1 PR2
Material class AA BB CC DD EE FF HH

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