oil and gas multi phase flow mixed transportation equipment

In order to solve the disadvantages of large investment, high energy consumption, and multiple risk control points in the existing station layout pattern of oil and gas fields, after years of research and development, we has made major technological breakthroughs and developed a new type of intelligent fluid machinery—oil and gas multi-phase flow mixed transportation equipment which overturns the existing oil and gas storage and transportation technology.

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oil and gas multi-phase flow mixed transportation equipment

Oil and Gas mixed transportation

Random and arbitrary changes in the gathering and transportation system is truly realized.

The Working Condition of Pump

The power pump of the mixed transportation device always works in a pure liquid state.

Simplify the transfer station

A set of mixed transfer device has all functions of all equipment in the transfer station.

Energy saving

Reduce the power consumption of the pumping unit, reduce the energy consumption of the distribution equipment.

Transfer station replacement
  • Unattended
  • Completely replaced FPF
Increase Pressure in Branch line
  • Wellhead back pressure dropped
  • Increase oil production
Drain water and recover gas
  • Drain water and recover gas
  • Increase natural gas production
Gas gathering station
  • Gas gathering station application
  • Increase natural gas production

Sanjack has nearly 20-year’s history in Oil Recovery Tools. Sanjack is a national owned company, established in 1964(Formerly General Machinery Plant, SINOPEC)and restructured in 2007. Cover an Area of 158 acres, with 1500 Employees, 1200 Advanced Equipment, and annual revenue $150 million. Relying on its good reputation and highly social responsibility, Sanjack are now with almost 60 years’ history. Sanjack will maintain its good spirit and develop new techs to help more and more customers for a shared future.The products has already been widely used in home and abroad oilfields.

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