How to work under pressure on offshore platforms and protect the environment?


For the healthy and long-term development of oil recovery plants, it is of great significance to strengthen the management of safety and environmental protection. On the one hand, it can effectively improve the economic benefits of the enterprise, and on the other hand, it can protect the life safety of personnel.


Strengthening the safety and environmental protection management of oil recovery plants can effectively reduce potential safety hazards and enable oil recovery to proceed smoothly. The implementation of the safety and environmental protection management system of the oil extraction plant is very important for both employees and enterprises. Therefore, the enterprise should continuously strengthen and improve the safety and environmental protection management system to provide the greatest guarantee for the safety of the oil extraction plant.

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Safety and environmental protection management is an important work content of oil recovery enterprises and improving safety and environmental protection management plays a very important role. Protect the environment and promote sustainable development; oil extraction is a heavily polluting industry. The establishment of an environmental protection management model can effectively avoid damage to the environment in the process of oil extraction, thereby protecting the environment and achieving the goal of sustainable development.


In recent years, the rapid progress of society and the rapid development of science and technology have further improved the production efficiency of oil extraction plants. However, due to the inadequate management of safety and environmental protection, the normal production of the oil extraction plant was affected. To this end, as the safety management staff of the oil recovery plant, it is necessary to comprehensively analyze the problems existing in the oil recovery work, and take corresponding measures to ensure the oil recovery work in an orderly manner.


An offshore oil recovery platform is an offshore working platform built with steel or concrete, or a combination of the two, and is used for offshore oil recovery operations. The structural form of the offshore oil recovery platform varies with the shallow sea or deep sea and the method of offshore oil and gas gathering, transportation, and oil recovery. Generally, according to their manufacturing materials and characteristics, there are piles of steel or concrete, or a combination of the two, and a hybrid platform.


The offshore oil recovery platform is mainly used for the extraction of oil and gas and the preliminary treatment of oil and gas (such as oil and gas, oil-water separation), and it must become the basis for multiple production wells and oil and gas processing facilities. Therefore, there must be a corresponding deck area and load capacity, but the displacement limit is not as strict as that of a drilling platform.

offshore platforms

offshore oil recovery technology is becoming more and more mature, and the demand for safety, efficiency, and environmental protection of offshore wellheads is also increasing. Therefore, the efficiency and convenience of offshore wellheads are more and more favored by customers. Conventional offshore platforms have a long operating cycle and cannot be operated under pressure. They need to wash and kill wells, which will pollute the stratum. The discharge of sewage also increases the hidden danger of polluting the marine environment. These factors affect the safe and efficient production of offshore oilfields and lower the development effect.


In order to further reduce sewage discharge, reduce operation energy consumption, and improve operational efficiency and development effect, we have developed a wellhead device for the safe and rapid operation of offshore oil wells. It can realize the hanger and sealing of coiled tubing and cables, the semi-sealing of tubing, and the running and hanger sealing of larger diameter tool barrel and tubing or casing, and realize the operation of the platform without killing the well.


offshore wellhead

The wellhead structure consists of bottom flange (1), bottom flange sealing ring (2), tubing head (3), main bore combination valve (4), flat valve (5), safety valve (6), choke valve ( 7), manual operation BOP (8), slip hanger device (9) and other components.

offshore oil wellhead

Working principle:

There is a manual blowout preventer and slip hanger device on the upper part of the main bore combination valve.

The main diameter of the main bore combination valve is 130mm, which can pass through a 5 1/2in tool barrel; the manual BOP consists of a shell, the ram assembly, side door, drive nuts, bearing box, and ram shaft. The diameter of the shell is 130mm.

The manual BOP can realize the semi-sealed and pressurized operation of 2in coiled tubing; the slip hanger device is composed of a slip shell, a slip hanger, a tiedown assembly, an upper flange, a tubing sealing ring, and pack-off assembly.

The shell diameter is 130mm. The tubing hanger can hang 5in tubing and casing and hang and seal coiled tubing and cables. During the oil recovery operation, the cable goes down the well with the coiled tubing and drives the electric pump to drive the underground crude oil into the annulus between the casing and the tubing.

The annulus between the casing and the tubing is sealed by the bottom flange seal ring and the slip hanger device tubing sealing ring, the crude oil goes from the wing of the main bore combination valve into the oil pipeline through the plate valve, safety valve, and choke valve.

The crude oil recovery rate is controlled by the choke valve; when a fire occurs in the oil well or unexpected high pressure or low pressure, etc., the safety valve can be closed by itself to ensure the safety of crude oil recovery; when the electric pump and cable need to be repaired, only the 2in coiled tubing needs to be unsealed and lifted up.

During the raising or lowering of the coiled tubing, if abnormal good pressure occurs in case of overflow, the semi-seal of the coiled tubing with cable can be realized by a manual blowout preventer to ensure the safety of the operation process。


The offshore wellhead device is safe and reliable to use and realize the operation of the offshore platform without killing the well, saving platform operation time and improving operation efficiency.