Oil Wellhead

PR2 Wellhead Project in Oman

Sanjack’s PR2 wellheads are widely used in Oman. This is one project of PR2 Wellhead Project in Oman.

XOY, DALEEL and Petrogas are our customers. The specific application of SanJack PR2 wellhead in Oman is as follows:

Oilfield Well Condition:
Fluid Properties

low consolidated sands
Oil density: 10°- 33°API
Bubble Point: 240 – 2000 kPa
Reservoir Porosity: 28-38%

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Tests On The Wellhead And Xmas-Tree

What Tests Are Performed On The Wellhead And Xmas-Tree?

Advances in technology and procedures in flow assurance and wellbore management result in extended field lifeline and efficient utilization of resources in oil and gas production.

To safeguard structural integrity, you have to adequately service and maintain the wellhead and Christmas tree to confirm the good integrity […]

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How to choose the model of wellhead and X-tree?

How to choose the model of wellhead and X-tree?
Operating oil and gas wells require you to convert a flowing well into one that utilizes a mechanical pumping configuration.

During this process, there are many things you should take into consideration.

For instance, a tubing hold-down must be installed to ensure the correct pumping depth when extracting […]

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