Oil Wellhead

Offshore Dual-well Thermal Wellhead Project in CNOOC

In order to save the space of offshore oil recovery platform and improve the space utilization rate, SanJack successfully developed Single column dual-well thermal recovery wellhead in 2011.

With a height of 3.6m and a weight of 7.8T, the wellhead can realize integrated operation of offshore steam injection and oil recovery.

It is two separate wellheads mounted in […]

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Frac wellhead Project in Shengli oilfield

Unconventional oil and gas resources have some special features, such as it will require large-scale fracturing during oilfield exploration and development.

For conventional fracturing, its displacement volume of is 4 ~ 6 m³ / min, and amount of construction fluid is 500 ~ 600 m³. By comparison, the discharge of unconventional fracturing will require 10 […]

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Thermal wellhead Project in Albania

Thermal wellhead is one of the surface equipment for thermal oil recovery.

It is used for steam injection, stuffy well and oil flow production.

It is composed of Christmas tree, tubing head, and bottom flange.

One side of the Christmas tree is connected with the wellhead compensator, which is the steam inlet.

The oil nozzle on the other side is […]

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