What kind of wellhead to choose on land with small well spacing and narrow offshore platforms?

Offshore oil production platforms are mainly used to extract oil and gas and perform preliminary treatment of oil and gas (such as oil and gas, oil-water separation), and it must become the basis for multiple production wells and oil and gas processing facilities. Therefore, there must be a corresponding deck area and load capacity, […]

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How to quickly replace the blowout ram for composite tubing string during workover operations?

The blowout preventer is used to close the wellhead during oil testing, workover, completion and other operations to prevent blowout accidents. It integrates the two functions of full sealing and semi-sealing, and has the characteristics of simple structure, easy operation and high pressure resistance, is a safety sealing wellhead device commonly used in oil […]

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How to improve the working condition requirements for casing sealing of high temperature and high pressure thermal recovery wells?

Heavy oil thermal flooding refers to a more effective method for heavy oil oilfields to increase the temperature of the formation crude oil and reduce the viscosity of the crude oil, thereby increasing the mobility ratio of the formation oil and increasing the oil recovery factor.

Thermal properties of heavy oil:

Visco-temperature characteristics of heavy […]

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