How to convert to production well after drilling and completion without adapter flange?

Drilling a hole from the ground using mechanical equipment or manpower is called drilling. Usually such process refers to the exploration or development of oil, natural gas and other liquid and gaseous minerals and drilling wellbore and large-diameter water supply wells. Drilling is widely used in national economic construction and plays an important role.

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How to leak the pressure in the tubing cavity in the dual-pipe structure of the thermal wellhead?

Intuitive comparison between heavy oil and thin oil, you can see that thin oil flows like water, but heavy oil is difficult to flow, which is caused by the high viscosity of heavy oil, and some heavy oil viscosity is as high as several million mPa·s, like “black mud”, so it can be picked […]

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How to realize the integration of injection and production of thermal recovery wellhead?

Heavy oil occupies a large proportion of oil and gas resources, so it has become a research hotspot to strengthen heavy oil exploitation and enhance oil recovery. However, heavy oil is different from conventional crude oil, mainly because of its high viscosity, which is difficult to be exploited by conventional methods, so some special […]

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