Cameron U and C ram BOP

Sanjack Petro owns a strong ability about research, design and manufacture, of Blowout preventer. The company can supply Cameron U and C ram BOP which comply with International standard. The wellhead and Blowout preventer factory has a complete set of inspection and testing equipment and more than 200 sets of precision mechanical processing equipment.

  • Sanjack has been certified by ISO9001, ISO 14001 standard.
  • AutoCAD and Solid Works computer software are used for drawing design. Also virtual prototype technology is used for simulation and verification of strength.
  • All BOP will receive rigorous tests, such as magnetic particle, ultrasonic, pressure test and so on.

Sanjack owns rich experience in supply of BOP, U and C ram BOP.

The type “U” rain is oval in shape and is of one-piece construction with a two-piece seal assembly.

The face seal contains metal extrusion plates.

As the rams close, these extrusion plates force the rubber seal to feed forward and make up for wear or damage. The upper extrusion plate also keeps the seal from flowing up and out while the rams are under pressure.

Once the rams are closed, well pressure can hold the rams closed and will maintain the rams closed should hydraulic pressure be lost.

All BOP blank is formed by forging and have excellent comprehensive mechanical properties such as yield and tensile strength after heat treatment.

All metal that exposed to acidic fluids during operation comply with the requirements of NACE MR 0175 to ensure reliable quality. The main pressure components of are made of alloy steel, such as the shell, slide open, and rams.
Cameron U and C ram BOP (2)
According to client needs, above blowout preventer can be installed with different ram such as pipe rams, fully sealed rams, shear rams, variable rams, and can be equipped with a booster cylinder.

  • Both U and C BOP ram cavity adopts an oblong structure, which greatly reduces the stress of the shell and improves the bearing performance of the shell.
  • The ram switch and the slide open switch are hydraulically operated and use the same hydraulic oil interface.
  • Ram seal has a large amount of glue storage and reliable packing.
  • The performance of the shear ram is stable, which can shear drill pipe and realize a positive seal.
  • Some models of C-type ram assembly, ram shaft seal are completely interchangeable with that of U-type.

Cameron U and C ram BOP (3)

Though the size and pressure rating may vary, the same basic design exists throughout the product line.

Model U type and C type
Standard International Standard
Nominal diameter(in) 7 1/16 to 13 5/8
Rated working pressure(psi) 5000 to 15000
Processing type Forging
Material AA to EE and optional
Metal temperature class -29~121℃
Nonmetal temp. class -18~121℃
Ring gasket R45 or optional
Dimension and Weight Based on specific type

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