How to realize wellhead anti-theft function?anti-theft wellhead


In modern oilfields, the problem to be solved urgently is safety production. This is also an important reason why the development of long-term mining enterprises and even the entire country has been restricted. Oilfield enterprises themselves have not done the necessary safety management work, resulting in the entire safety awareness and the corresponding quality level of the internal personnel of the enterprise are not up to the necessary level. Such a realistic situation obviously does not meet the actual product safety requirements.

oilfield safety production

With the continuous development of our country’s economy and the continuous progress of technology itself, people’s requirements and attention to safety are getting higher and higher, but what is not proportional to such a degree of attention is the lack of safety guarantees and people’s actual production process. The lack of safety awareness in China makes the safety problem very prominent in the production of modern oilfield enterprises.


The production process of the oil field is divided into two major parts: the surface system and the underground system. The surface system carries the processing and production process after the crude oil is discharged from the well, and its practical importance is self-evident. Therefore, in the actual production process, we cannot excessively reduce the ground input according to our own views and reasons, but should fully measure and deal with the problems that may arise in the later production management under the premise of abiding by the principle of no waste and ensure the safe production of the ground through reasonable design, review, and construction.

oilfield safety production1

In oilfield production, equipment is undoubtedly a necessary prerequisite and guarantee for safety production, and the important role of equipment in oilfield safety production cannot be underestimated. In the process of ensuring the safety of equipment, we can achieve it through a variety of ways and means. We must promptly eliminate equipment that has major safety hazards and have exceeded the service period, and correspondingly replace new equipment with stable and reliable performance to ensure safety. Production. In oilfield production, the replacement of equipment should be put on the agenda as soon as possible and implemented practices to ensure that the equipment provides the best guarantee for the safety of oilfield production.

Used to fix the wellhead of the drilling well, connect the wellhead casing string, seal and control the annular space between the pipes, suspend the tubing, control the pressure of the wellhead and adjust the flow rate of the oil (gas) well, and the tubing that can induce oil to the wellhead It can also be used to close oil wells when necessary, and can also be used for special operations such as acid fracturing, water injection, and testing.

  • It consists of three parts: casing head, tubing head, and production (gas) tree.
  • Applicable to the various casing, tubing procedures, and various connection methods.

Anti-theft oil recovery wellheads for oil fields are especially suitable for remote oil fields and are an important part of wellhead control. At present, the wellheads used in oilfields have valves connected to both ends of the big spool. Wellhead valves and casing gas are often stolen in remote areas. There are also many anti-theft wellheads in China, but the anti-theft measures are taken outside the big spool, which affects oil recovery and testing operations.


In response to the above problems, Sanjack installed a one-way valve and anti-theft locks in the bore on both sides of the big spool to realize the anti-theft and convenient operation of the oil recovery wellhead, which can effectively prevent the valve and casing gas from being stolen.


The wellhead structure consists of gate valve (1), tee (2), clamp assembly (3), nipple (4), tubing hanger (5), big spool (6), one-way valve (7), O Ring (8), spring (9), valve ball (10), plug (11), (one-way valve) seat (12), anti-theft lock (13), bracket (14), flange (15) , Test tooling (16) and other components.

anti theft wellhead

One-way valve and anti-theft lock are installed in the bore of the big spool of the oil recovery wellhead. The one-way valve is composed of valve seat, valve ball, bracket, spring, and 0-ring: when the well is cleaned, use a special matching key to open the anti-theft lock, The square lock core of the anti-theft lock pops out, remove it with a spanner, connect the good flushing pipeline, open the one-way valve ball through water pressure to complete the good flushing operation; when testing the casing fluid level, use a special key to open the anti-theft lock, and remove it, connect the test fixture to the wing bore with threads, and use the test fixture to open the one-way valve ball for testing: in normal oil recovery, the one-way valve and anti-theft lock are installed in the wing bore of the big spool, the one-way valve ball is sealed under the action of spring pressure, and the wellhead can effectively prevent the valve and casing gas from being stolen.


The wellhead of Sanjack has a novel structure, lightweight and convenient operation, which can effectively prevent the valve and casing gas from being stolen.


Safety production is the top priority in the development of oilfields. In the current oilfield construction, good basic principles and new ideas for people-oriented oilfield safety management have been formed, which are of great significance to the improvement of safety management levels and the reduction of safety accidents. The significant role and some forms of management such as supervision, inspection, and rectification have been widely accepted and recognized.