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Sanjack Petro is the best supplier of Coventional wellhead, PR2 wellhead, Thermal recovery wellhead, Water injection wellhead, Fracture wellhead, Offshore wellhead, API6A Valve, BOP.

Sanjack Petro

In 1976, Sanjack established Wellhead and the Christmas Tree Factory, which officially started the manufacturing process of wellhead products. So far Sanjack has more than 40 years history in designing and manufacturing wellhead and Xmas tree. The technology is in a leading position in China. Sanjack has gained PR2 certificates for gate valve, choke valve, tubing head and casing head. Annual production is 5000 sets. Products have been exported to America, Saudi Arabia, India, Russia, Oman, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Venezuela, etc.
The factory has 185 employees, more than 200 sets of various large and medium-sized mechanical processing equipment,equipped with the world’s leading level of well control laboratory. With excellent quality and timely global service, SanJack has successfully served nearly 200 customers in more than 30 countries.

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Sanjack Petro starts in 1976


In 1976, Sanjack invested in the wellhead and Christmas Tree Manufacturing plant in 1976, officially beginning the manufacturing history of wellhead products.


By 1983, SanJack had provided the 10,000th well head for Shengli Oilfield in China.


Since 1990, Sanjcak has been supplying various types of wellheads and Christmas trees to major oil fields in China, such as Yumen Oil Field, Huabei Oil Field and Xinjiang Oil Field.


After nearly 20 years of development, SanJack wellhead has formed 4 series and nearly 20 models. The products are suitable for conventional oil recovery, thermal oil recovery, onshore and offshore oil recovery, and have been widely used in China’s major oilfields.


In 2001, SanJack successfully obtained intl standards certificate and began to export SanJack wellhead equipment to many oil-producing countries in the world.


In 2006, Sanjack wellhead exported to Algeria for the first time.


In 2006, SanJack successfully obtained int’l standards certificate for BOP and began to export SanJack BOP equipment to many oil-producing countries in the world.


In 2007, sanjack successfully obtained intl standards quality management system qualification, the system covers the whole process of wellhead production..


first offshore thermal production wellhead
In 2008, SanJack developed the first offshore thermal production wellhead in China for CNOOC NB35-2 platform. SanJack is the China’s first offshore thermal wellhead manufacturer.


PR2 certificate of gate valve
In 2010, After nearly 2 years of preparation, SanJack has successfully obtained the PR2 certificate of gate valve issued by DNV. Over the next few years, PR2 certificates were obtained for choke valve, tubing head and casing head.


Halliburton’s supplier
In 2015, Sanjack began supplying fract head to Halliburton of the United States, officially becoming Halliburton’s supplier in China.

Sanjack Petro still enlarge our oil wellhead and Christmas Tree production capability and export to more countries.

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